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Starting a business is very hard and lonely. A business incubator is a safe and protected environment where entrepreneurs can work on developing the entrepreneurial mindset and developing their business concepts. 

Thundamental helps start-ups systematically apply the Lean Start-up Methodology and Design Thinking to get from concept to Product-Market Fit (where customers resonate with a product and are willing to pay for it).

An incubator becomes a support system, where other entrepreneurs, mentors and experienced business owners help the entrepreneurs navigate the tricky challenges of their journey.

Incubators programmes are between 3-12 months and include:

  • Business Model development (Lean & Design Thinking)

  • Product Development

  • Business basics (accounting & legal)

  • Sales & Marketing skills & support

  • Soft skills (negotiating, presentation, professional skills).


Incubation programmes are customised for each client.


Start-up Bootcamps are intense 1,3, or 5 day training and development sessions to assist entrepreneurs with building a concept, product or business. 

A Start-up Bootcamp has a specific purpose in mind:

  • Hackathon: typically 48 hours to develop a full solution to a problem

  • Teach entrepreneurship 101

  • Help entrepreneurs draw up their business models using Lean and Design thinking

  • Training in a specific field like Digital Marketing, Product Development etc.

Innovation Competitions gives an organisation an opportunity to crowdfund a solution and new innovation. This can be done internally for their employees, or they can open it up to the public. This allows for better ideas and better morale of employees.


Enterprise and Supplier Development  is one pillar of the Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment Policy to advance the economic transformation in South Africa.

Thundamental offers:

  • Supplier Development: where we work with existing suppliers on a 1:1 and group basis to improve their performance. Help your current suppliers build better businesses and new products and services that will benefit you.

  • Enterprise Development: focusing on building new SMME that are inclusive and innovative, developing new & better products and services. The intention of these programmes is to end up with SMMEs that are financially independent of the beneficiary.

The ESD programmes should be seen as a joint-venture, benefiting both the beneficiary and SMME. 

The programmes are based on the Incubation Programme curriculum, but are custome designed for each client.

Thundamental doesn't run programmes as a 'tick-box' exercise, we only work with clients who are serious about transformation and making a real impact.



Innovation Consulting focuses on learning, discovery & collaboration using imagination and creativity. An innovative company can come up with new products, services, and business models to fuel waves of growth.

The following areas is where Thundamental can add value:

  • Business Model Innovation: Satisfying real customers who need real jobs done (fundamental problems). Great business models are the engine of transformation.

  • Culture: Developing a learning organisation and a culture of innovation

  • Ideation: create processes and educate employees in ideation and Design Thinking. Teach employees how to adopt, operationalise and iterate new ideas.

  • Identify New Markets: Identify markets that are under-served, using elements of Blue Ocean Strategy.

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