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Tanye ver Loren van Themaat

Design Thinking Facilitator • Entrepreneurship Mentor • Learning Experience Designer •

Tanye is 49% entrepreneur and 51% scientist. She has over 8 years of experience in the start-up sector and worked with more than 100 start-ups and innovators. She is a learning specialist and an expert in Lean Methodology and Design Thinking, with a focus on First Principles Reasoning, Scientific Method and Entrepreneurial Mindset, which she uses when developing programmes and in her mentorship. Tanye holds a master’s degree in Industrial Engineering from Stellenbosch University, which focuses on Business Model Innovation, Blue Ocean Strategy and Base of the Pyramid Solutions to develop socially inclusive businesses. In 2018, Tanye was selected as a Mandela Washington Fellow (YALI), and she served on the organising committees of Brightest Young Minds and Dream Girls (youth empowerment and mentorship programmes). Tanye plans to further her methodology on start-up incubation design and entrepreneurial mindset training, to build the best corporate and entrepreneurial programmes in Africa.

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